Sporting chance of winning at life


© RKO Pictures             Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire in balance

It’s a happy collision of chairos – everything having it’s appropriate time – with preparation, such that their balanced waltz glides through to infuse Understanding.

To what do we refer?

Emotional intelligence/literacy/resilience/courage is what.

The Pestilence, in whose grip the world wriggles for freedom, appears to have created … or opened up …the space-time to reflect on matters of crucially fundamental significance yet which in less fraught times lag in the ‘leave it til later’ drawer.

How, and the grace with which, we manage our response to the traffic of our lives appears increasingly recognized as pertinent to its successful navigation.

Rather than witter on here, be encouraged to listen to EQ pin-up, Daniel Goleman in dialogue with Simon Mundie whose empathic warmth to the principles and practises emotional intelligence champions does much to cheer our cause.

Don’t tell me the Score [BBC Radio 4 podcast, 4.iii.21] is a genial wander through all that we here, at The Materials, have promoted over 25 years for the winning at life.

Getting it


Thrilled that the roots of the EQ movement have taken hold, developed and reached even the City of London. It’s only taken 17 years but who’s counting; the main thing is they’re getting it.

Last night Radio 4 broadcast a programme on the value to commerce when human beings are enabled to reveal their … human beingness; and the symbiotic strengthening it produces. I encourage you to listen to The City on the Couch to hear others’ view of what we see as common sense and enable people to achieve.