Joy delights in joy

Twitter screen shot
@GurdeepPandhur, Suki & @DamienRobi, shining

There isn’t a single part of me that doesn’t empathize with the sporting world: Tokyo Olympics, Rugby League, village cricket, Outback Picnic Races and everything inbetween. All is chaos with whole lifetimes of effort burst in a single PCR test.

For each athlete nailed to the petard of decision makers, you are loved, admired and your potential immutably recognized. Your dedication is honoured.

The only means we have of putting a hand of comfort on your forearm is to share this Joy.

Damien Robitaille, whose brain seems able organize he sings and plays three instruments at the same time as smiling, has done much to inject a glimmer to lighten hearts and battered souls. Together with his effusively buoyant Bhangra bud, Gurdeep Pandhur and hound Suki, they have softened my ice queen heart which gives thanks for all clever people whose generosity of spirit slops over the rim to shower us with their kindfulness.

Here at The Materials, all our efforts are focused on strengthening Listening skills so Understanding can flourish between and within human beings. When we see such direct communication as this, mebbie there’s hope for the world in an impenetrably bleak moment?

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