Pedantic or semantic?

Cruikshank’s 1819 comment on moral, social and intellectual vaccuity

Do you think if HeartMasters were as integral to schools as HeadMasters, mental&emotional health would be nurtured as with intellectual curiosity, so schools could flourish in ways wildly beyond current ambition?

We’d like to listen to your thoughts: @MBMaterials #HeartMasters.

While you’re thinking: here’s a tricky one. Does it matter that from this September onwards, these islands will officially shed Great Britain’s GB from motor vehicle license plates in favour of UK? First we heard of it was on the radio news at the start of July, followed hot on its heals by a vox pop MP referring to Global Britain.

Are Scotland, Wales and England (Northern Ireland has never been included in Great Britian for some reason … odd, considering all) being rebranded-by-a-thousand-teeny-cuts in an effort to avoid the process being noticed?

Evolution, that irresistible deliberate force of nature, serves most when many voices are heard. Mebbie never produces the best outcome but that with which the majority can live: the utilitarian option. Stealing autonomy by stealth is insidious and resultant impotent fury damages mental health, physical well-being and intellectual calm.

Is it pedantic to insist on an open discussion to thresh through how the 6,289* islands which comprise Great Britain should be known or should it be understood as mere semantics and trivial to national identity?

Does it seem to you this is the latest in a lengthening list of asset-stripping ventures? It’s almost as though these isles are being dismantled from the inside out on the trickling orders of a long-game player.

The Rt. Hon. Grant Shapps MP, Secretary of State for Transport is the fellow promoting this September’s transposition. Think how proud his family must be.

* Source: Alistair McConnachie

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